Friday, 8 April 2011

Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition with Nintendo 3DO

Capcom’s classic brawler, Super Street Fighter IV makes its debut on the 3DS. How does it fare on Nintendo’s new handheld?
Published on Apr 6, 2011
In the flurry of marketing activity surrounding the 3DS’ release, much has been made of its stereoscopic display, meaning that many of the additions and improvements Nintendo have made to the console have taken a back seat.
While launch titles Super Monkey Ball 3D and Pilotwings Resort showed off the system’s ability to display 3D, it’s Super Street Fighter IV that reminds us just how much better, from a technical standpoint, the handheld is than the DS series it replaces.
Visually and aurally, SSFIV is a beautiful, pocket-sized rendition of its arcade and console cousin. Okay, so there’s less detail in the backgrounds, and the painterly, cel-shaded style of its characters is less in evidence on the 3DS’ tiny screen, but the telltale movements and quirks of every character has survived intact, and as a demonstration of just what the 3DS is capable of, it’s the best showcase yet.

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